Last month, Christian singer-songwriter Lauren Daigle landed a milestone gig on one of daytime’s most popular television shows, NBC’s Ellen. While Ellen DeGeneres is known for her eclectic taste in music, Daigle is the first Christian-labeled artist to perform on the show. (I certainly do not wish to exclude the personal faiths of Ellen’s other guests, but Daigle is exceptional because her public identity is overtly Christian.) In addition to inviting Daigle to perform on her show, DeGeneres also gifted a copy of Daigle’s latest album, “Look Up Child,” to every audience member, insuring each guest has access not only to excellent, soulful music, but also the hope-filled message of Jesus Christ. Evangelical Christians were… outraged?

In an interview with WAY-FM, Daigle addressed many fans who were incensed that Daigle would associate herself with a “godless sinner” like DeGeneres, who is gay. Calls and e-mails continued to flood in to the radio station after her interview, one listener even preferring to erase LGBT+ persons from the public narrative, suggesting Christians should not even speak of their existence.

The station responded with this blog post condemning those who responded to Daigle’s appearance with hatred toward the show’s host. Lauren herself said in the interview, “I think the second we start drawing lines around which people are able to be approached and which aren’t, we’ve already completely missed the heart of God.”

Watch Lauren Daigle’s full performance on Ellen below:

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Author: Mary Beth Unthank

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