What is one thing in your life right now that you wish you were doing? That is the question that often drives me when I think about the type of life I want to live, and the type of person I hope to be in order to impact the lives of others around me, and those I have yet to meet. One thing for sure is that often times when I feel an urge to really start taking the bold step in my life to create change, I am often burdened with that loud voice in my head saying, “Well, what if you are not successful?” “What if no one likes what you are doing?” I shrink back and really begin to second guess myself and my ability to actually do what I believe so strongly that I should be doing.

And of course the lack of discipline creeps in too, you know the one we like to call procrastination. Then those goals, simply become just that. Goals. And nothing further.

As I start creating my list of goals for 2018, I can not help but hesitate as I write, will I be able to be successful at this goal I am proposing? Or will it be just another one of those goals that I anxiously write out and then let it sit and collect dust. One thing is for certain, I am tired of being the person who constantly encourages and motivates other people to be all they can be, but then when it comes to my goals and my desires, I hesitate in fear, and hear that voice again, “Did God really say that was going to happen for you?”

I work with women on a daily basis with recognizing their special leadership potential in their careers, education, and familial lives. And not once do I ever doubt when I speak to them about what they can be, and what they should be. But, I often find myself doubting my talents and strengths on a regular. I tend to overthink things, and value others opinions, sometimes more than mine.

Funny thing is, I know this is often what pastors and ministry leaders in the church today are often internally challenged with. Who encourages the encourager? I often think about how important it is to be a part of a community that can still pour into you, once you have poured everything out to them. That is my number one goal for the new year –– to build community. Simple. There is nothing fancy about it, but there is something completely necessary about it. Especially if you are a leader called to do…great and mighty things.

So as I continue to jot down my list of obtainable goals for the remainder of the year into 2018, those thoughts begin to come, but as they come, so does the reminder from God to me saying, “Yes, you may have difficulty here with this goal, but the community I am connecting you with will be there to support you to achieve this goal.” And that is exactly what my approach in my life will be from here on out.

Building a network of different communities that can help you reach your goals is vital for everything we do. We were never meant to walk it alone in life, and that’s the great thing about joining a dedicated community of supporters to help you along, whatever goals you may want to obtain.

My encouragement for you is find your community, hold on to it, soak it all up, and spread it around to others seeking one too!

“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.” (Hebrews 10:24-25 NLT)

Note from the Editorial Team:
Engaged Pentecostalism is a community that values open dialogue and respectful engagement from different perspectives. The views expressed above are the author's own and do not reflect those of every part of the community.

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Author: Jennifer Uwanaka

Jennifer Uwanaka resides in Alexandria, Virginia and is an educator at The George Washington University, where she works in the field of admissions and college access for underrepresented minority students. She marries her love for mentoring underprivileged youth with her women’s organization, Beautiful Believers. The focus of her organization is to empower and encourage women who struggle with self-doubt, and to break down the barriers that keep them from recognizing their true potential. She will never pass up a great cup of coffee and spending time with her loved ones, especially her two favorite niece and nephew, Isaiah and Christina. If you are in the D.C metro area and are looking to connect with a welcoming group of women, Beautiful Believers would love for you to join their circle! Visit www.beautifulbelievers.org to learn more today!

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Linda E.

I loved the encouragement. We all need it. So important to find your community! I hope to empower Christiana with this too one day! Nice job!